Panorama Exif Fixer: Free Tool for Fixing Missing Metadata in 360 Photos

If you’ve ever tried to share a 360 photo on Facebook and other social media sites, you might have noticed that it doesn’t always display correctly.

A faulty panoramic photo might look like the above image when posted to social media.

This is because 360 photos require specific metadata in order to be recognized as such by viewers.

Thankfully, there’s a handy tool called Exif Fixer that can help you add or repair missing metadata: Nadir Panorama Exif Patcher

This Exif patcher is a free tool lets you upload 360 photos that you want to fix to their site.

The tool then will then analyze the photo and add any missing metadata to make it viewable as a 360 photo.

It then outputs a new file for you to download and post Facebook and elsewhere as a working 360 photo.

Oudam Em

Writer, artist, lifelong learner. Passionate about artificial intelligence, robotics, and the intersection between technology and human values, ethics and spirituality. 作家、艺术家、终身学习者。 热衷于人工智能、机器人技术以及技术与人类价值观、道德和灵性之间的交叉。

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