Generate Midjourney Prompts with the New /describe Command: Step-by-Step Guide

Until now, Midjourney can create images from prompts using natural language or keywords.

The /describe command is a new feature on Midjourney that allows users to upload an image and get four text prompts that try to describe the image.

The output of the describe command is a set of text prompts that describe the image approximately.

These prompts can then be used to generate images that are related to the original image, but with unique twists and variations.

The /describe command is a powerful tool that can be used to generate a wide range of AI-generated art, from abstract pieces to realistic depictions of objects and scenes.

In this post, we will go through a step-by-step process of how to use the /describe command and the different ways it can be used.

Step 1: Enter /describe in Discord Chat

To start, enter the /describe command in the Discord chat and press Enter.

Discord will prompt you for the input image:

Step 2: Upload Image

Upload the image you want to describe either by dragging and dropping the image onto the window or by clicking on the image upload box.

Once you upload the image, press Enter or send the message.

We’ll upload the following image that I generated previously with Midjourney.

Step 3: Process & Output

Once you enter the prompt, the image will be uploaded onto Discord and sent to Midjourney for processing.

Midjourney will then take some time to process the image.

After Midjourney processes the image, you will receive four different prompts from the submitted image that might look like this:

Step 4: Pick a Prompt to Generate Output

Now choose one of the suggested prompts by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the bottom of the image.

For this illustration, we will choose Button #2.

When you click send or enter, you might receive a warning that the prompt is being sent to Midjourney.

You can just press submit, and the prompt will be sent to the server.

This prompt is sent just like the regular /imagine prompt.

After some time, you should receive four different variations of the prompt that you sent.

Here’s the output that I received after choosing Prompt #2:

Note that these images are created using Midjourney’s advanced AI algorithms and can be highly varied, even when using the same prompt.

You can experiment with different combinations of prompts and images to create unique pieces of AI-generated art that are unlike anything else on the web.

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