Elon Musk Plans to Launch “TruthGPT”, Slams ChatGPT’s “Political Correctness”

Controversial billionaire Elon Musk has announced plans to create an AI-driven conversation tool called “TruthGPT,” criticizing the popular AI text bot ChatGPT for being “politically correct” in an interview with right-wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Some experts have pointed out that AI chatbots pose significant risks with regards to political bias. Musk, touting his chatbot as ‘a maximum truth-seeking AI’, also has voiced concern about the risk of training AI to be deceptive, warning that it could lead to an AI dystopia.

While AI chatbots deserve scrutiny over political bias, Musk stands as an imperfect spokesperson for such criticism because of his own high-profile political views.

ChatGPT, created by artificial intelligence firm OpenAI, is a chatbot that converses with human users. It uses an algorithm that selects words based on lessons learned from scanning billions of pieces of text across the internet.

The chatty tool has gained popularity for its humanlike abilities, like composing Shakespearean poetry and identifying bugs in computer code.

However, the technology has also stoked controversy with regards to various kinds of biases, including political bias. Some experts argue that the majority of information that ChatGPT was trained on is more left-leaning and has certain political biases and agendas built into it.

Designers of ChatGPT programmed safeguards that prevent it from taking up controversial opinions or expressing hate speech. The responses from AI conversation tools depend heavily on the text with which the model is trained.

The issue of political bias in AI chatbots is a complex and challenging problem for the new technology. The polarized political environment adds to the challenges for content moderation.

While Musk’s criticism of ChatGPT may have some validity, tying the issue of truthfulness to political correctness is itself problematic.

Separating truth from politics is crucial to preventing the spread of misinformation, hate speech, and other forms of harmful content. It’s unclear whether Musk’s foray into AI chatbots will help solve the problem of bias or add to the already heavily divided political environment.

AI models are only as good as the data they are trained on. Can you imagine TruthGPT-powered killer robots trained in a right-wing echo chamber of hate, intolerance, and conspiracy theories?

Well, with the help of Midjourney it’s not hard to /imagine at all.

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